Yesterday I bought a copy of Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why.

I had read it once before and liked it, but had never bothered to read it again. So, I made the purchase, took the book home and started reading it last night.

Along the way it felt like getting slapped across the face…

Sinek wrote about “Why” “How” and “What.” He said many causes and companies start by telling people what they do, and how they do it, but they should start by communicating about why they do it.

How’s that a slap to my face? Great question.

I know it’s important to ask “Why?” when we do things. And I know it’s helpful to be clear on why you want something when you set out to attain it: that when things get hard, it’ll be your “why” that helps you push through.

But what jumped out at me in this second reading (I’m 137 pages in so far, will probably finish today) is how poor I’ve been at talking about the “why” behind the things I do.

To be fair, it’s not just me. It’s most everybody. If it weren’t, Sinek wouldn’t have needed to write the book.

But when you can appreciate that most people and businesses do not “start with why,” it becomes apparent how far-reaching and impactful his “Golden Circle” concept can be.

Side Note: In the interest of maintaining an environment of “Personal development without the profanity” I cannot link to Sinek’s book. That’s because I cannot guarantee you–since I haven’t completed my re-reading–there isn’t any profanity in it. Purchase or borrow at your own risk.

The impact it’s going to have on me and my coaching is straightforward enough: I’m going to bring my “Why” out into the open instead of hiding it. Why am I writing and coaching on personal growth? Well, it’s not just because so many “self help” big shots use profanity and I wanted to provide an alternative. Profanity-free personal development is a “what” or maybe a “how”…but it’s not a why.

It’s more about my belief that God is glorified when Christians excel at the things they do.

I want you to grow because it’s good for you, good for your loved ones, good for the world…and it glorifies God.

I’ve been bashful about this “why” in the past, but Sinek’s book has helped me recognize the time to be bashful about it is over.

Now that we have that out in the open, I realize it might drive away some people who otherwise might have hung around. It is what it is. But you’re still here, so let’s talk. How can I help you excel?

To your growth,


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