Terminate the execution of obfuscation via the manufacture and assertion of sophistication

If the title of this post sounds complicated, that was the point.

We humans have a tendency of taking something simple and complicating it. And while it isn’t always done with malice, there are times when people deliberately complicate things because the resulting confusion (obfuscation) benefits them.

Sometimes people complicate their speech because it makes them sound smart, and lets them feel superior.

Sometimes they do it because keeping people confused helps them gain power.

I suppose there are times when a little sophistication is good…

But here’s a reason you might be interested in cutting through the fog of obfuscation: it can take the fear out of things.

If something seems complicated, we’re more likely to give up before we get started. But if we’re able to look closer and realize it just sounds complicated, it might just embolden us to go ahead and get started on the thing.

You probably just noticed something else…if people really don’t want to do something they’re likely to make it sound complicated to excuse themselves for not doing it. It’s easy to give yourself a pass if it’s “sooo complicated.”

So, what are you needlessly complicating in your life?

And what seems complicated to you right now, that you can take a closer look at to see if it’s really as complicated as it seems?

To your growth,