Papa John’s was right about this

You remember the Papa John’s catchphrase: Better ingredients, better pizza…

Simple enough. True, too. If you have better ingredients going into your pizza–presuming you don’t goof up while preparing and cooking it–you’ll have a better end product.

This principle of better ingredients= better results is worth thinking about in your personal development.

Consider this: The results you have in your life today are the results of actions you’ve taken up to now.

If you haven’t put the best actions in, you haven’t gotten the best results.

Those actions, by the way, are driven by decisions. Were you making the best decisions?

Those decisions, of course, were driven by beliefs. So, were you using the right beliefs when you were making those decisions…

That spurred those actions…

That produced those results?

Better ingredients, better pizza.

Better ingredients, better life.

What ingredients are you using today?

To your growth,

John Allan