GOOBers use Social Media Strategically

If you don’t remember what I mean when I say GOOBers, you can get up to speed quickly by reading this post.

Part of having the GOOBer mindset is deliberately paying less attention to whether you’re getting approval from other people. And that means social media can become dangerous territory.

The Bucket Brigade–those GOOBstoppers content to stay in the bucket and keep you there with them–is alive and well on Fakebook and Twitter. It’s easy to get caught up in reading debates, bad arguments, other people’s opinions. At best it becomes a time waster, even worse you could find yourself engaging in fruitless arguments that zap your time and your mental energy.

The Bucket Brigade doesn’t want you to excel. It doesn’t care if you’re distracted from being productive. Many members of The Bucket Brigade are there wasting time on purpose.

If you want to excel, you have to keep social media from gobbling up your precious time.

So, what should GOOBers do about social media?

You could quit. It’s a better idea for most people than they think.

You don’t have to quit altogether. But you’ll do yourself a favor if you deploy your efforts on social media strategically.

Stop signing in just because you “have a minute.”

Stop letting yourself mindlessly scroll and scroll and scroll down your news feed.

Take a minute to think about what you’re going onto the platform to do. Go do that thing. Get out.

Easier said than done, but having a plan gives you a chance.

You can also schedule a deliberate time in your day, that won’t interfere with important things, to look at social media. Even then, you might want to put a timer on it. Fifteen minutes can turn into two hours faster than you think.

Use social media to serve you. Use it deliberately. It can be a great tool if you use it, instead of letting it use you.

To your growth,

John Allan