Becoming Strategically Productive

Can’t speak for you, but one of the things that trips me up is that I can be highly productive some days, and woefully unproductive most days.

But you can’t get the success you want by only showing up once in awhile.

I just finished an article about writing and routine. It’s especially good for “creatives,” but can be helpful even if you aren’t trying to knock out a novel. If you read it, and think through it, it can help you arrange your day strategically so you can have more productive days and fewer woefully unproductive ones.

One good quote: “Showing up day in and day out, without fail, is the surest way to achieve lasting success.”

A few other good thoughts: Minimize background noise and distractions while you work, have a dedicated work space, write (or do whatever creative work you’re up to) in the morning before your brain gets too tired.

To your growth,