I’m John Allan, a coach who helps ambitious Christian introverts take life into their own hands so they can live—and work—with personality and purpose.

In a world full of imitation and conformity, I help people dare to be themselves and make a difference.

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This site is new, but growing. If you haven’t been looking around already, here are a few good posts to get you started.

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Personal growth has been a lifelong interest of mine, largely because of necessity.

I grew up shy, introverted, and fearful. As an undersized, mild-mannered kid I was an easy target to be picked on. My appearance wasn’t much to mention. And while I loved sports, I was only slightly above average at most of them. I didn’t rack up many accolades, but I did spend plenty of time on the bench.

I was also horribly afraid of confrontation, painfully awkward around other people, and don’t get me started on how much I hated phone calls!

If I wanted to get much of anywhere in life I had to grow. And I did, through self study and trial and error.

But it took me a long time.

Today I try to be the coach for others that I didn’t have for myself. With my help, they can push through their obstacles much faster than they would on their own.


There are a few different ways we might be able to work together. If you’re up against a particular obstacle or challenge, I’d love to hear more, and encourage you to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my web site.