Nobody Wins When You Play Small!

Christians who excel in life and work bless their loved ones, impact the world, and glorify God.
So why waste another minute deciding whether it’s time to leave mediocrity behind and strive for excellence?

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It Starts with a Decision

You can do great things. Possibly things far greater than you can imagine.

But it has to start with you harnessing your power to choose, and deciding to excel.

Excellence is a mindset before it’s an outcome. It’s yours for the choosing. Now that you’ve made the choice, let my email newsletter help you with the journey.

When you accept your ability to choose, your life begins to change. You start thinking less about impressing people, and more about impacting them. You stop suppressing your personality, and start asserting it into your work.

Like arrows in the hand of a skilled archer, you can take your choices and concentrate them on a target of your choosing.

Of course, you’ll want to make good choices. You don’t want to waste arrows hitting the bullseye on the wrong target. And when you’re ready for it, my coaching and services go beyond recapturing your ability to make choices, and helps you discover the right choices for you.

It's time to put your #NextFootForward

When you decide to pursue excellence, you will face challenges. You’ll have enemies and obstacles working like crabs trying to keep you from Getting Out Of the Bucket. But there’s no need to fear, because I’ve got resources to guide you along the path.

You can start with my blog or email newsletter and craft a Do-It-Yourself approach to your personal and professional excellence.

If you’d rather save time, avoid needless frustration, and accelerate your progress then you might be interested in the following services (For pricing and more information, please contact me).


Whether you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you want…needing to develop a specific personal or professional skill…or working to overcome a difficult obstacle, I offer three coaching programs that can help.


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I am an experienced speaker, and offer speeches and workshops on Rapid Personal Growth, Personality and Purpose, The Power of Choice, and Diamond Writing.