Don’t act surprised

A few days ago a Las Vegas Raiders player made NFL history by becoming the first to “come out” while an active NFL player.

At first, he was celebrated. Media and corporations are falling all over themselves to show how tolerant they are this month, and plenty of individuals have joined the Tolerazzi (in your face and unrelenting with their “tolerance” much like the paparazzi are in your face and unrelenting with their cameras) too.

So, what else would they do but celebrate this?

But the congratulations and celebrations were short lived. The story gone almost as soon as it appeared. Because somebody did some digging and found out the player is a registered Republican voter.

This did not sit well with the Tolerazzi.

This treatment is a surprise to absolutely nobody paying any attention. The conservative pundits who are acting surprised by it are just putting on a show. They know the double standards. They’ve seen how the game works. They aren’t surprised.

It’s almost as if the Tolerazzi is only interested in “tolerance” when it helps them gain or expand their power. If you fit their alleged categories but won’t enable their political ambitions, you quickly become expendable.

Come to think of it, that’s true of many political groups. And another reason protecting the liberty of the individual is important.

How to tell if a bill is bad

Here’s a rule of thumb generally effective in knowing if a bill in Congress is bad:

The better the name sounds, the more likely the bill is terrible.

If the legislation needs a fancy name, it’s probably so it can be used to make people look bad for opposing it. Examples: Patriot Act. Affordable Care Act. No Child Left Behind.

Remember this when you’re feeling defeated

June 22, 2021
Omaha, Nebraska
College World Series

That’s when and where the Virginia Cavaliers were dominating the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

State couldn’t even get a hit through seven innings. They were losing 4-0.

It definitely wasn’t looking like their night.

And then it was. The Bulldogs scored six runs in the 8th, and held on to win the game 6-5.

A game they’d been losing most of the way.

A game it looked like they were out of.

In minutes they turned it all around.

So how about you?

Maybe you feel like it’s “late in the ball game” for you, and that you haven’t been able to claw out a hit. Nothing’s going right.

Why not keep swinging? It worked for Mississippi State.

Where should you focus the message?

Prevailing popular opinion demands that you focus your activity on people who are already interested in your cause, instead of neglecting them to chase after people who don’t care.

There’s no doubt in my mind this holds true in some circles. When I’m using my business to help Christians with their marketing, I emphasize knowing who your target audience is and focusing on them, regardless of whether other people like it or not.

But what about evangelism? What about when it comes to building up a congregation?

Should we spend most of our efforts looking for people who show an existing interest already…

Or do we take those people for granted and spend our time begging and pleading less-interested or un-interested people to become interested?

If we’re supposed to be focusing most of our attention on the most engaged people, I’m not sure we are.

At times it seems like we bend over backward to try to reach people, and then walk on eggshells and bite our tongues for fear if we “say the wrong thing” it will be off-putting to somebody. Even if that somebody has barely shown a glimmer of interest in the Bible.

Don’t misunderstand me…I will continue to be an advocate of speaking the truth in love.

And I will continue to believe the gospel is for all, and anybody can choose to respond properly to that message.

But I’m not sure we’re doing anybody any favors when we tip-toe for fear of “offending” people.

Especially if said people are looking for things to be offended about.

What’s this about, anyway?

June 18, 2021
10:50 a.m.

Friday is a bad day to relaunch a blog.

Better to go on Monday when people are paying attention, than Friday when people are trying to get away from their computers and go do something other than work.

But I’ve been planning to relaunch for awhile, and the opportunity is in front of me.

You see, not too long ago I stumbled into a discovery that has rocked my thinking. And it’s causing me to somewhat “reverse course” from a policy I adopted nearly 12 years ago.

When I was in college I blogged a lot. And in the course of blogging I talked about all sorts of things. Including current events in Washington, D.C.

But there are interesting challenges that come with talking about politics and current events a lot:

  • Temptations to dive into subjects you don’t know as well as you should.
  • Arguments with people that can turn ugly.
  • Ego can get in the way if you aren’t *really* careful.

And as a Christian it became increasingly important to me not to inadvertently push away people who might be receptive to the gospel because they could point to something “political” I said as their excuse to disengage. This reached its apex when I began working as a full-time preacher.

But to put it frankly, I’ve grown weary of listening to people treat Christians and the Christian worldview with open contempt and hostility.

Couple this with my recent realization that so many good people carry around what I call Inferiority Complex, and it occurs to me that I need to get my voice back in the game.

And so, this blog…this crazy old blog that has been a part of my personal identity since my college days, is back and ready to serve.

The underlying focus of this site is to help Christians overcome their societal conditioning that has told them they are second class. And to tackle the self-doubt that keeps them from expanding themselves and achieving more of what they’re capable of doing.

You might see the tagline “Punch inferiority in the face” eventually show up somewhere on the site. I don’t want you to literally punch things, but I want to help you have that kind of intensity in pushing back against limiting beliefs that have held you down long enough, and don’t need to do so any longer.

I will also be generous in posting material to help Christians realize their worldview is not antiquated, outdated, unintelligent, etc. This is a place where faith in God and the Bible will be embraced and affirmed. Not mocked and ridiculed.

You can expect most of the posts to be very short, and nearly all of them to be less than 500 words. And I think most of the posts will be more interesting than this one.

Stay tuned.


Goin’ for a Spin

Just saw a headline asking “What Would Happen if Earth Started to Spin Faster.”

And then the teaser said things would get weird with even so slight as a 1 mph increase in speed…

It’s almost like the universe was created, and Earth carefully designed and placed.