Introducing the KAPOW Principle

If you’d like to overwhelm yourself, just use the KAPOW Principle.

It’s so easy, you’re probably already using it and don’t even realize it.

KAPOW stands for…






For best likelihood of overwhelming yourself, add the piles of work as soon as you think you have a great idea.

Definitely don’t bother to test the idea and see if there’s actually a market for it. Just pile all the work on yourself until you’re so busy trying to deliver stuff nobody cares about that you don’t have time to do things people actually want.

Do you have any experience with the KAPOW Principle? Or is it just me?

Changing your mind about yourself

When I think about it, I get kind of angry with myself.

How did I let this happen for so long?

Why am I today years old and still letting myself feel like I can’t do things that virtually everybody else can?

Or to say it differently: Why do I continue to let the remnants of an Inferiority Complex sneak back up and stop me short of ambitions I have.

What I’ve learned in my own experience is that what I call “Inferiority Complex” takes root in childhood. And it won’t let go unless you force it to.

When and if you kick it, it WILL try to come back for another skirmish.

So…what do YOU do when old hindrances show up in your life again?

So much winning

Quick reporting and opinion on lots of sports from Wednesday night.

OMAHA, NEB.– Mississippi State pitchers combine to 1-hit Vanderbilt. The Bulldogs win their first College World Series with a 9-0 victory over the Commodores.

It’s hard to be much more impressive than to grab the “winner take all” game with a 9-0 shutout while only allowing one hit.

TAMPA, FLA.– The Tampa Bay Lightning held off the Montreal Canadiens to win Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final 3-1.

The Lightning lead the series 2-0. Game Three is in Montreal.

Tampa Bay is trying to repeat. They surely like their odds now that they have a 2-0 jump.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.– The Phoenix Suns punched their ticket to the NBA Finals–their first since 1993–defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 130-103 in Game Six of the Western Conference Finals.

I’m not a big basketball guy, but the NBA Finals should be interesting this year for casual observers. Phoenix hasn’t played in the Finals since 1993. Milwaukee hasn’t won an NBA Championship since 1971. The Hawks last won a championship when they were located in St. Louis. Somebody’s fan base should be very, very happy.

Sports Roundup

Fox Sports’ website doesn’t even have the College World Series on its front page. But they do have time to speculate about whether Kawhi Leonard will make a movie in the offseason if the Clippers get eliminated by the Suns.

In fairness, ESPN’s site didn’t do much better, and they’re the network actually broadcasting the CWS.

So let me bring you up to speed: Mississippi State defeated Vanderbilt 13-2 to force a deciding Game 3 in the championship series.

It’s interesting to look closer at these teams: Vanderbilt is 49-17 on the year. Mississippi State is 49-18.

One of those teams will reach 50 wins for the season and take home a National Championship.

The other will come as close as you can get without taking home the hardware.

Other Sports Stuff:

The Stanley Cup Final continues. Tampa Bay will try to grab a 2-0 lead over Montreal. #GoBolts.

Suns vs. Clippers. It looked good for the Suns a few days ago, but they’ll be feeling some heat if the Clippers force Game Seven.

Milwaukee and Atlanta remains anybody’s guess. You would think the Bucks are in trouble if Giannis is out…but you probably also thought the Hawks were toast without Trae Young, and that wasn’t true.

Did you just become an Anti-Vaxxer?

If you don’t want to get the C19 jab you can expect somebody will call you an “Anti-Vaxxer.”

Doesn’t matter if you get a flu shot every year…

Or if you’re also up to date on MMR, TDAP, and whatever else there is to keep up with.

Nope, if you DARE to have any hesitation about The Jab then you must be mocked, bullied, pressured into getting it anyway. So you will be called an “anti-vaxxer.”

It is deliberate, malicious, and vulgar conflation.

So much for the progressive platitudes like Choose Kindness and My body, my choice. That’s for them. When they want to tell YOU what to do, it’s comply or be crushed.

Vanderbilt snags Game 1

Vanderbilt took it to Mississippi State early and took Game 1 of the College World Series 8-2.

Some Commodores critics will point out that Vandy got a break–maybe even an advantage–by their deciding game against NC State being declared a no contest. It saved Vanderbilt’s pitching staff some innings.

But it is what it is, and the Bulldogs didn’t do themselves any favors giving up seven runs in the first inning.

Game Two is tonight. If Vanderbilt wins again then it’s all over.

“The contempt was palpable”

Well, the county government here has let the people know what they think about anybody who dares to do anything other than unquestionably obey their directives.

They made a social media post that was breathtakingly clear.

Their contempt was palpable.

And I have no doubt if they had the power–or thought they had the power–to force citizens to comply with a certain “medical procedure” they would flex it.

I used to laugh at Libertarians. But 2020 and now 2021 have made their objections impossible for me to ignore.

NC State and the College World Series

North Carolina State was forced out of the College World Series last week.

They didn’t get eliminated…the NCAA forced them out because of COVID-19 issues. Declared a deciding game a “no contest” and advanced their opponents on to the championship round. Because “player safety” or something.

Understandably, N.C. State fans were not happy about it.

And plenty of other folks were also mad.

But what they don’t understand–or willfully ignore–is the NCAA had no choice. They painted themselves into this corner by going “all in” on C-19 Security Theater the past year and a half.

To change course now would mean surrendering all the virtue they’ve been signaling and advertising for months.

They weren’t going to do that.

Nothing is worse than junk food commercials?

I was reading a conversation about a proposal across the pond that would (if I understood correctly) ban advertising for junk food until after 9 p.m.

Because junk food commercials are definitely the most morally reprehensible things on television today.

And then somebody said banning junk food commercials was only part of the solution. “Flexible working for parents, so they can actually have the time to prepare nutritious meals is imperative.”

It occurs to me that parents having time to prepare nutritious food for their family wasn’t as big of an issue before “progress” told women they were losers unless they worked outside the home.